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Database Connectivity in Java with MySQL ~ foundjava

Jdbc Connection in Java with MySql

mysql jdbc example

Now here, We are going to perform database connectivity in java with mysql line-by-line with simple example .

Here we will see first mysql jdbc example and then explanation of this example.

If you want to perform java jdbc connectivity with mysql database then you have todownload mysql and install in your computer first and after installing mysql db. 

You have to download mysqlconnector.jar file or it can be comes with mysql package and then you have to set path(temporary or permanent path) of mysql connector java jar.

There are 3 ways to load the jar file

1) First way

paste the mysqlconnector.jar file into jre/lib/ext folder.

2) Second way - set temporary classpath

Open cmd and type : 

C:>set classpath =c:\mysql\mysql-connector-java-5.1.45-bin.jar;.;

3) Third way - set permanent path

Go to in MyComputer properties and then environment variables, click new tab and type classpath in variable name box and in variable value paste the mysqlconnector.jar file e.g c:\mysql\mysql-connector-java-5.1.45-bin.jar;.;

Let's start simple jdbc program in java using mysql database.

Let's create database and table in mysql.

create database anurag;//create db in mysql

use anurag;//select database

create table student(rollno int(10), name varchar(40));//create table

Java MySql Connection Example

In this mysql jdbc example we will fetch all the records from the student table.

import java.sql.*;
class MySqlJDBCExample
public static void main(String args[])
//Step 1, load driver class

//Step 2, create connection object
Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(

//Step 3, create statement object
Statement stm = con.createStatement();

//Step 4, execute query
ResultSet rs = stm.executeQuery("select * from student");

System.out.println(rs.getInt(1)+" "+rs.getString(2));

//Step 5, close connection object
catch(Exception e)

Explanation of above java jdbc mysql example

If you want to connect java program with mysql database using jdbc then you have to follow 5 steps e.g...

Driver Class : com.mysql.jdbc.Driver

Load the driver class.

Connection Url : jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/anurag

Where jdbc is an api and mysql is the database and localhost is the server name in which mysql is running, we an use IP address also and 3306 is the port number and anurag is the database name, you can also select other databses.

Username : By default the "root" is the username of mysql database.

Password : User can give any password at the time of mysql instalation but in the above program we used root as the password.

You can check - How to connect java application with oracle database using jdbc.

Here we learned database connectivity in java with mysql using jdbc API.
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Steps To Connect To Database in Java ~ foundjava

JDBC Connection Steps

Jdbc Connection Steps in java

Here we are going to discuss some steps to connect to database in java jdbc. If we want to connect java application with any database then we have to follow 5 steps using jdbc.

Let's jdbc connection in java with database using some 5 steps.

There are 5 Steps to Java Database Connectivity

  1. Register or load the driver class.
  2. Establish the connection.
  3. Create the statement.
  4. Execute the queries.
  5. Close the connection.

Let's understand above mentioned jdbc database connection steps one-by-one.

1) Register or load the driver class

The first steps is to register or load the driver class by using forName()  method of Class class.

The forName() method is used to register or load the class dynamically in java.

Syntax of forName() :

public static void forName(String className)throws ClassNotFoundException

Example to load the OracleDriver class


2) Establish the connection 

In this step we will create the connetion object. By using getConnection() method of DriverManager class we can establish the connection with the database.

Syntax of getConnection() :

public static Connection getConnection(String url)throws SQLException

public static Connection getConnection(String url,String name,String password)throws SQLException

Example to establishing connection with oracle database

Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(


3) Create the statement

The object of statement is used to execute the queries with the database. By using createStatement() method of Connection interface we can create statement in jdbc.

Syntax of createStatement() :

public Statement createStatement()throws SQLException

Example to create the statement object

Statement stm = con.createStatement();

4) Execute the queries

The executeQuery() method of Statement interface is used to execute the queries to the database and this method return the object of ResultSet that can be used to get all the records from the database table.

Syntax of executeQuery() :

public ResultSet executeQuery(String sql)throws SQLException

Example to execute query

ResultSet rs = stm.executeQuery("select * from student");

System.out.println(rs.getInt(1)+" "+rs.getString(2));

5) Close the connection 

The close() method of Connection interface is used to close the connection.

Syntax of close() :

public void close()throws SQLException

Example to close() connection 


Here we saw all the steps for connection java application with database by using jdbc .
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JDBC Statement Interface in Java with Example ~ foundjava

Statement Interface in JDBC

Statement Interface in Java

In this jdbc tutorial, We are gonna to discuss jdbc Statement interface in java with example so that you can understand what is the roll of Statement interface in jdbc.

Jdbc Statement interface is used to execute queries with the database by using some methods which is provided by Statement interface.

After making connection with the database by using Connection interface we can get the object of a Statement interface by using createStatement() method of Connection interface e.g...

Statement stm = con.createStatement();

By using Statement interface methods, You can retrieve, insert, delete and update data into the database.

Mostly Used Methods of Statement Interface

There are some methods of Statement interface which is used to execute queries with the databse.

1) public ResultSet executeQuery(String sql)

It is used to execute the select query and returns the object of ResultSet.

2) public int executeUpdate(String sql)

It is used to execute the query like create, insert, delete and update.

3) public boolean execute(String sql)

It is used to execute query that may return multiple results.

4) public int[] executeBatch()

It is used to execute batch of commands.

Let's understand Statement interface by simple example.

JDBC Statement Interface Example

In this example, we are going to fetch all the record from database table by executing select query with the help of executeQuery() method. You can execute query like create, insert, update, delete etc. But here we will execute only select query.

Suppose there is a table(student table with age and name) in the oracle database with some records.

import java.sql.*;
class Demo
public static void main(String args[])
Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(
"jdbc:oracle:thin:@localhost:1521:xe", "system", "bca");

Statement stm = con.createStatement();
ResultSet rs = stm.executeQuery("select * from student");

System.out.println(rs.getInt(1)+" "+rs.getString(2));

catch(Exception e)

Here we saw a simple example of java jdbc Statement interface.
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Java ResultSet Interface in JDBC with Example ~ foundjava

What is ResultSet in JDBC?

Java ResultSet Interface in jdbc with example

Java ResultSet is an interface in jdbc which extends Wrapper and AutoCloseable interfaces.

ResultSet is used to retrieve SQL select query result.

A ResultSet object maintains a cursor pointing to its current row of data in the table. Initially the cursor positioned before the first row. 

ResultSet is not updatable and by default the object of Resultset can be moved only forward direction.

But we can move the object of ResultSet interface in both direction i.e forward and backward direction by using TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE and TYPE_SCROLL_SENSITIVE in createStatement method and make the object updatable by using below statement.

Statement stm = con.createStatement(


Method of ResultSet Interface in Java

There are some methds of java jdbc ResultSet interface which is mostly used in jdbc programs.

1) public boolean next()

It is used to move the cursor to the one row next from the current position.

2) public boolean previous()

It is used to move the cursor to the one row previous from the current position.

3) public boolean first()

It is used to move the cursor to the first row in result set object.

4) public boolean last()

It is used to move the cursor to the last row in result set object.

5) public boolean absolute(int row)

It is used to move the cursor to the specified row number in the result set object.

6) public boolean relative(int row)

It is used to move the cursor to the lelative row number in the result set object and it may be positive and negative.

7) public int getInt(int columnIndex)

It is used to return the data of specified column index of the current row as int.

8) public int getInt(String columnName)

It is used to return the data of specified column name of the current row as int.

9) public String getString(int columnIndex)

It is used to return the data of specified column index of the current row as String.

10) public String getString(String columnName)

It is used to return the data of specified column name of the current row as String.

Let's simple example of java jdbc ResultSet interface.

Sppose there is a student table in the oracle database with the rollno and name column.

Java ResultSet Example
In this ResultSet example, We will fatch all the records from the student table by using select query.

import java.sql.*;
class ResultSetExample
public static void main(String args[])

Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(

Statement stm = con.createStatement();
ResultSet rs = stm.executeQuery("select * from student");

System.out.println(rs.getInt(1)+" "+rs.getString(2));

catch(Exception e)

The above java jdbc ResultSet example will fetch all the records from the student table.
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Youtube Videos Par Views Kaise Badhaye 10 Best Tips ~ foundjava

YouTube Channel Par 10,000+ Views Kaise Paye? YouTube ki new policy ke according hum apne youtube channel par lifetime total 10,000 views hone se pahle channel ko monetize nahi kar sakte or youtube videos par adsense ads nahi laga sakte. Matlab ab aapko youtube se earning karne ke liye apne channel par 10k views lane honge. Yaha main aapko youtube channel par 10000 views lane ki top 10 tips bta raha hu jinhe follow kar aap apne channel par 10,000+ views receive kar earn karna shuru kar sakte ho.
YouTube Channel Par 10,000+ Views Pane Ki 10 Tips
YouTube channel par 10,000+ views na hone ki wajah se bahut se logo ( jo youtube par work karke online income karna chahate hai ) ka sapna adhura rahe jata hai or wo haar kar youtube par video upload karna band kar dete hai.
Aap chaho to ek din me youtube channel par 10 hazar views kama sakte ho bas aapko sahi tarike se kaam karne ki jarurat hai uske bad aap apni youtube videos monetization kar earning karna start kar sakte ho.

YouTube Channel Par 10k Views Kaise Paye Monetize Karne Ke Liye

Main already Youtube Videos Par Views Kaise Badhaye 10 Best Tips article me youtube views increase karne ke bare me bta chuka hu. Agar aapke lyie ye tricks kaam nahi karti hai to niche btayi tips follow kare.

1. Decide Your Goal

Sabse pahla kaam apne youtube channel ke liye arget decide kare. Aapne channel kyu banaya hai or aap is par kis tarah ki video dalna chahate ho. Aapko is channel ko kaha le jana hai. Sirf earning ke bare me mat socho balki kuch bada socho.
Ek target set karo taki aap us par better work kar sake. Ek anjan raste par chalna or ek jankar raste par chalne me kitna different hai aap samajh sakte ho. So target banao or goal set karo.

2. Make Complete Your Channel

Apne youtube channel ke liye goal set karne ke bad dusra kaam hai apne youtube channel ko all side se complete karna taki koi bhi user aapke channel k open kare to aapke videos ko dekhe bina na rah sake. Iske liye aap ye tips and tricks istemal kare.
  • Channel Name: Apne youtube channel ke liye achha name title select kare.
  • Channel Logo: Apne channel ke liye attractive logo design kar set kare.
  • Channel Banner: Channel ko attractive banane ke liye eye catching banner istemal kare.
  • Channel Description: Apne channel ke bare me details add kare taki user ko pata chal sake ki aapke channel par kis type ki videos milengi.
Aapke channel ka look professional hona chahiye. Mera kahna ka matlab aapke channel me koi kami na ho or jo bhi aapke channel par visit kare use lage ki ye channel kisi expert ka hai.

3. Create High Quality Content Videos

Bahut sare bekar ke videos banane se behtar hai 4-5 high quality content wale videos create kare. Yaad rahe aapke videos me koi bhi kami nahi honi chahiye. Ye sab clear karne ke ad hi videos ko youtube par upload karna hai.
High quality videos se mera matlab hai aapke videos me true and good information honi chahiye. Bas aapki video ko dekhne ke bad viewers ka man video par like, comment and share karne ka karna chahiye. Ab ye aap par depend karta hai ki aap kitne better video bana sakte ho.

4. Make Eye Catching Video Title

Video par views lane ka sabse achha or aasan tarika hai eye catching, attractive, effective video title istemal akrna. Aapke video ka title jo bhi dekhe wo aapka video dekhna chahe, aesa title set karna hai.
Agar aapki video ka title sahi nahi hai to aap kitni hi badiya videos upload kar lo or chahe 5 ki jagah 50 videos upload kar lo aapke channel par 10,000+ views lana aapke liye bahut mushkil ho jayega.

5. Add Clear Video Description

Aapke video me kya hai is bare me btane ke liye aap video description ka istemal kar sakte ho. Yaha aapko text words me video ke bare me likhna hai.
Mostly, people video description par dhyan nahi deteor only video title set kare simple and extra description ke sath video publish kar dete hai. Jo ki galat hai aapko video ke bare me clear information add karni hai.

6. Use Tags Properly

Video tags ka istemal sahi se kare or aese keywords ka istemal kare jo aapke video se related ho or sabse jyada search kiye jate hai. Google se jyada YouTube par search hone wale keywords ka istemal kare.
Sabse jyada search kiye jane wale keywords ke liye aap trending topics, and keywords researching tools ka istemal kar sakte ho.

 7. Set Amazing Thumbnails

Youtube par video title and description se jyada effective hoti hai video thumbnails jo jitni jyada amazing and attractive hogi log aapki videos ko utna hi jyada view karenge.
Aapke videos ki thumbnail eye catching, clear, high quality and attractive honi chahiye. Iske liye aap example wali thumbnail use kare.

8. Review Your Channel and Videos

Is sabke bad ek bar apne youtube channel layout, privacy, and videos ka review kar le or kahi koi kuch bhi galat ho to use solve kar le.
Sabse important matter, youtube channel >> advanced settings me ja kar check kar le ki aapne youtube channel ko public kiya hua hai. Yaha “Allow my channel to appear in other channels’ recommendations” option enable hona chahiye.

9. Setting up YouTube SEO

Aapke videos google and youtube search me aane chahiye. YouTube SEO ke liye ye jaruri hai taki log aapki videos ko google search engine and youtube par search karke find kar sake.

10. Promote Your Videos on Social Media

Finally, aapko apne videos par views lane ke liye videos ka promotion karna hai. Aap jitna jyada or better tarike se promotion karoge aapko utne hi jyada or kam time me views milenge. Sabse better way aap social media ka istemal kare.
Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, etc. all social networking sites par apne videos ko share kare. Inke alawa aapse jitna ho utna videos ko promote kare.
After All, Aapke videos par views aane shuru ho jayenge or bahut jald aapke youtube channel par 10,000+ views honge or aap apne youtube channel ko monetize kar video me ad laga sakoge.
Aapke channel par 10k views kab or kitne time me honge ye aapke videos par depend karta hai. Aapke videos jitne jyada better honge people unhe utna hi jyada dekhnge.
I mean aapke videos ki quality ke anusar aapko views milenge. Isme 1 day se le kar 1 week tak lag sakta hai. Is bich aap jitna kar sake apne videos ka promotion kare. Sirf social media par hi nahi, apne friends, friends of friends ko bhi video like share and comment karne ke liye request kare.
Agar aapko ye jankari achhi lage to ise social media par apne dosto ke sath share jarur kare.
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Youtube Videos Par Views Kaise Badhaye 10 Best Tips ~ foundjava

YouTube Blogging ke bad internet se online paise kamane ka dusra sabse badhiya tarika hai. Bahut se log YouTube se lakho rupees kama bhi rahe hai. Youtube se paisa kamana bahut aasan hai. Aapko sirf video create karke YouTube par upload karne hote hai but new YouTube partner ko apne videos par views kamane me problem hoti hai. So aaj main aapko is post me kuch aes itips bta raha hu jinhe follow karke aap apne YouTube channel ka traffic increase kar sakte ho.
Increase Youtube Views
Youtube platform ek aesi jagah hai jaha aapko har tarah ki movies, songs, videos, dialogue and other qualities ke videos mil jayenge. People YouTube par bahut tarah ki videos upload karte hai but unme se kuch logo ki videos par millions views hote hai or kuch ki videos par bahut kam views hote hai.
Internet par YouTube sabse popular videos upload karne ka platform hai. Latest moves trailer, short films, treditianal media etc. har tarah ki video is par available hai. Maine bhi YouTube se already achhi earning ki hai and i hope aap bhi YouTube se paise kama rahe honge agar nahi to aap humari YouTube Se Paise Kaise Kamaye poste padh kar iske bare me jan sakte ho.
Actually, ye humare smart work ka kamal hota hai. Ek insaan apni video par 10,000 views nahi kama pata or ek insaan daily lakho views kama leta hai. Agar aapke sath bhi YouTube videos par views anhi hone ki problem hai to is post me btayi tricks aapke liye hi hai.

Youtube Views Increase Kaise Kare Top 10 Effective Tips

However, Youtube par more views pana koi easy work nahi hai but agar aap right steps use karo to apni videos par quite effectively views increase kar sakte ho or achhi earning kar sakte ho. Agar aap attractive, worth-watching content wale videos upload karte ho to ye tips aapke liye master trick sabit hogi.

1. Use an Effective Title for Videos

Bilkul website / blog content ki tarah hi YouTube videos ke liye bhi title most important hota hai. Aap jab bhi YouTube par koi new video upload karte ho to aapse uske liye custom title set karne ke liye kaha hata hai. Ye title video thumbnail ke sath show hota hai. So aap jab bhi video upload kare to uske liye koi badiya title choose kare.
Video ka title user ko sabse jyada impress and attract karta hai. Ek behtar title jiski search rank or impressing achhi ho aapke lakho views dila sakta hai. Video topic ka achche se search engine optimization kare or usme top level keywords add kare.
Humesha research karke video title select kare. Aap google keyword planner tool par mostly used keywords search kar sakte hai. Iske alawa aap semrush jaisi other keyword researching tool par bhi keyword search kar sakte ho ya fir aap direct google me keyword tool ka istemal kar sakte ho.

2. Create a Blog for Your Youtube Channel

Aapka YouTube channel search engine se quality organic traffic receive kar sakta hai but agar aap apne YouTube channel ke liye ek blog bana lo to or bhi jyada badhiya hoga. Ye bilkul kisi bhi kaam ke 4 chand lagane jaisa hai.
Kyuki aap na sirf blogpar apne video share karke unka promotion kar sakte ho balki blog par bhi google AdSense ke ads laga kar usse bhi earning kar sakte ho. Isse aap ek kaam se do tariko se paise kama sakte ho. Aapke YouTube videos ka promotion bhi hoga or aapki YouTube se alag extra earning bhi hogi.
Iska sabse good benefit ye hai ki aa pYouTube par video ka title select karne ke bad use blog par kisi or title se share kar sakte ho. Isse aapko ek hi videos par search engine se 2 topics se traffic milega.
Suppose aap YouTube par “How to Increase Youtube Views 20 Effective Tips” title se video upload kar rahe ho to aap isme kuch SEO optimizing karke title ko change karke blog par share kar sakte ho or jyada organic traffic kama sakte ho.
Sath hi aap videos ko blog me post me embed bhi kar sakte ho taki user direct blog par hi video dekh sake. Bahut se pro marketer is tips ko follow karte hai. Ek aesi post jisme use related video bhi add ho search engine me uski top position hoti hai.
Iske alawa aap blog content me apne YouTube videos ke link and YouTube channel ka URL bhi add karke traffic increase kar sakte ho and aap blog post me direct YouTube subscribe button add karke YouTube subscribe list increase akr sakte ho.

3. Use Custom Beautiful Effective Thumbnails

Youtube ne logo ko attract karne ke bahut sare features diye huye hai. Jaise video ko or jyada attractive banane ke liye custom thumbnail add karna ka feature diya hua hai jo bahut hi shandar hai. Yeh truly YouTube par views badhane ka significant factor hai.
Main aapko personally suggest karunga ki aap har ek video me custom thumbnail set kare. Iske bina video adhura hota hai or customer ko jyada impress nahi kar pata hai. Agar aap ek achhi thumbnail video par set kar lete ho to usi se aapko achha traffic mil sakta hai.
Iska main reason ye hai ki bahut si video par random thumbnail better nah ihoti hai or usi ki wajah se user us video ko aovid kar dete hai. So aap us video me custom thumbnail design karke add kar do to video adhik attractive ban jata hai.
Agar aapko lagta hai ki aap har bar video ke liye thumbnail kaha se create kare to iska sabse achha tarika hai ki aap apne video ke kisi acche seen ka screenhot laga kar usi video par set kar sakte ho. Isse aapka time west nahi hoga or aapko thumbnail design karne me ghanto nahi lagane padenge.

4. Add Better and Clear Description

Jis tarah blog post ke liye long content jaruri hota hai theek wese hi video ke liye description bahut hi jaruri hai. Bahut se people video dekhne se pahle uski details read akrna pasand karte hai ki is video me kya kya hai. Video ko deeper look dene ke liye description jaruri hai.
Video description me aap major keywords and other ralted keywords use kar sakte ho or agar aapki is video ke bare me koi post hai to aap uska link yaha add kar sakte ho ya apne blog and other community ke bare me yaha likh sakte ho.
Iske alawa aap isme apni social profile links and other details bhi add akr sakte hai taki user aapse connect rah sake.  Video description add karne se aapke YouTube channel ki reputation badhti hai.
Bahut se user jo video dekhne se pahle video description padhna padand karte hai. Unke liye aap description me video me btayi jankari ke 4-5 step btaye isse log aapki video me jyada interested honge.

5. Never Miss Socila Media Networking Sites

According to personal experiences and suggestions, sirf facebook twitter par hi content share karna enough nahi hota hai. Agar aa paea sochte ho to aap bilkul galat ho or aapko abhi iske bare me or sikhne ki jarurat hai.
Social media all online business me ahem role karta hai. Iske bina apne content ko promote karna bahut hi mushkil ho jata hai. Agar aap abhi tak apni videos ko faceboo, twitter, goog_ and other social site par share nahi karte ho to abhi se shuru kar de.
Social metworking platform ke alawa aap social bookmarking sits and othe communities par bhi apni videos ko share kare. Reddit bhi videos share karne ke liye achha results dene wala platform hai kyuki ye discussion ke liye effective platform hai. So is par bhi apni videos share kare.
Social media par videos ka promotion karne ka bahut importance hai but inme sabse jyada facebook important hai. Is par aap na sirf video ko share kar sakte hai balki apne friends ko apna channel subscribe karne ke liye invite bhi kar sakte hai.
Aap content jitna compelling hoga facebook user use utna hi pasand karte hai. Bahut se log jo blog par post read nahi karna chahate. Wo video ke throw sabkuch sikhna chahate hai so aap helping videos bhi creat kar sakte ho. In par aapko jyada traffic milega.

6. Read Google Guideline for Youtube SEO

Ye metter sabse important hai kyuki isi se aapki YouTube videos google me high rank par aa sakti hai. Google YouTube videos ko top par lane ke liye videos quality check karta hai. Iske liye usne YouTube ke liye different algorithms bana rakhi hai.
Google ye nahi dekhta ki aapke video me kya hai balki isse pahle google ye dekhta hai ki video kis bare me hai or sabse first me video ki description and other details se video quality ka pata lagata hai.
Main aapko suggest karunga ki agar aapko apne videos par search traffic badhana hai to aap google guidelines ko follow karna shuru kar do. I sure iske bad aap videos par aasani se achha search traffic kama sakte ho.
Agar aap future me apne aapko ek successful online marketer ke roop me dkehna chahate hai to aapko google ki terms read karni chahiye. Isse aapko bahut uch sikhne ko milega or fir aap achha work kar sakoge.

7. Keep Optimal Length for Videos

Youtube par better and googd results pane ka ye ek or achha tarika hai. Jab koi user aapki video ko dekhne aata hai to wo sabse pahle video ki length check karta hai ki use uski kaam ki information kitne time me milne wali hai.
Har koi kam time me puri information janna chahata hai par short video upload karne se koi fayda nahi hota ulta isse aapke YouTube channel ki value dwon ho jati hai.
In my experience, agar aap mujhse kahoge ki hume YouTube par kis size or kitne time ki videos upload karni chahiye to main aapko suggest karunga ki aapki video minimum 3 minutes se jyada ki ho r video jyada long bhi na ho and short bhi na ho. I aapko 3 to 5 minute se jyada time ki video upload karni hai.
Mera yaha kahne ka matlab ye nahi hai ki aap YouTube par 5 minutes kam time ki video upload nahi kar sakte ho. Aap kar sakte ho but mera kahne ka matlab hai kmi short video me log kam interest lete hai or agar aap google AdSense se earning karte hai to aapko long video par focus karna chahiye.

8. Build Your Networking

Last but not least, Aap ab tak YouTube use kar rahe ho kya aapka experience kuch nahi kahta or kya aap apne hisab se apne YouTube channel ko promote nahi kar sakte. Aap great ho agar aa paesa kar sakte ho.
Apne friends and other logo se apni video ke bare me bat kare or unhe kah ki aage mujhe kis tarah ki video banani chahiye or inme se aapko konsi video pasand hai.
Logo ko apne YouTube channel and videos ka lin kshare karne ke liye kahe or aap kisi popular blogger ke liye  video bana kar use uski post me embed kara sakte ho.
Aapne ab tak YouTube ko use karte huye bahut kuch sikha haga ki aapko kin galatiyo se nuksaan ho raha hai. Usi ke hisab se apne kaam ko behtar banaye or humesha logo ki bato me aane se pahle apne deemag se soche ki aapko kya karna chahiye.

Final Words,

Ye tips aapko YouTube par lakho view dila sakti hai or aapke pas thousands people honge. In sab bato ko samajhe or effective content release kare. Ye aapki videos kogoogle search me top par lane ke liye badhiya tarika hai. Translate english to hindi
By the way, agar aapke pas koi other way hai YouTube par views badhane ka to uske bare me humare reader ko comment me jarur btaye.
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